Our approach to all that we do is guided by our core values. By adhering to our values, we will honor our partners, investors, landowners, local political jurisdictions where we engaged, our employees, as well as ourselves. These core values are:

Honor and Integrity

We cling to an uncompromising code of personal integrity to be accountable for our actions and hold others with whom we are engaged to be responsible for their actions. We attempt in exemplify in all we do the highest of standards in ethical and moral conduct, such that we are known for our honor and integrity in all that we do.


Courage is the strength to act with honor and integrity in all situations. We strive to do what is right irrespective of the conduct of others. Courage is the willingness to take a stand for what is right, notwithstanding what might be the adverse consequences.


Gratitude is the hallmark of those who understand who we are stewards of what we have been provided, and whatever we hold has been given to us as a sacred trust for those we honor and serve.


Humility is a state of mind and presence of being modest in all circumstances, knowing that whatever talents we possess are only gifts we have been given to exercise wisdom and for the common good in the development of the physical environment. Humility governs all actions with all partners, consultants, and stakeholders in the land development process.


Collaboration is the essence of cooperation and teamwork in action. We value our ability to work together in a collegial manner with all whom we are engaged.


Commitment is the desire, determination, and persistence to stay true to and focused on our values, and to complete the work undertaken, no matter the cost, difficulties, or adversity encountered.

Our approach is guided by our values and proceeds directly from them in all that we do.


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