Comprehensive, thoughtful, and collaborative land planning is one of Claremont’s core competencies. Master Planned Communities (“MPC”) in Northern California usually are intensely scrutinized, require significant engagement by the developer with all stakeholders, and require a commitment of patience over time for the developer. Claremont has been successful in bringing to market MPCs that are illustrative of this process.

The Faria Preserve

The Faria Preserve was a 786-home MPC developed in the northwest area of San Ramon, originally approved in 2006, with its Development Agreement and annexation taking place in 2006 and 2009, respectively. It was sold to a hedge fund, and is ultimately being built by Lennar. Claremont retained a re-purchase right, which it has exercised.

The Promenade

The Promenade is a 12-acre site of a portion of the Faria Preserve, being repurchased as a Claremont entity. It has been master planned for 40 single-family detached homes and 122 townhome condominiums.

Sand Creek Mixed Use Community

The Sand Creek Mixed Use Community has been completed by Claremont; it is an approximately 40-acre MPC in Brentwood, California.